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Hindi Niketan Incorporated (Registration No. A0029058B)

An Organisation for promoting Hindi Language and Indian Culture in Melbourne, Victoria. Australia. Hindi Niketan Incorporated is the oldest Indian organisation in Victoria and has been serving the Community for more than twenty years. It is a member of the Federation of Indian Associations in Victoria. It is a non-profit organization.


The aims and objectives of the Association are:


  • To promote the Hindi Language by way of offering classes for learning Hindi language. As a result of this effort, Hindi language has been included in the VCE and is taught in Victorian School of languages.


  • To create a resource centre for books, periodicals and videos in Hindi.


  • To promote Indian values in multicultural society, Hindi Niketan organises cultural programs such as India’s Republic and Australia Day, Deepawali,Hindi Diwas, VCE Award Function in Melbourne. We also believe that cultural programs help our children to appreciate our cultural values back home. Furthermore the Hindi Niketan Association provides a platform to be involved in presenting and performing arts.


  • To provide free English/Hindi translation service to needy persons.


  • To help Senior Citizens in our community.


Hindi Niketan Incorporated welcomes everyone to join and make contributions.

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